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Sept 27th 6-7pm

Located at woofys Pet Foods on Cliffe ave

Socialization & Exposure

Focus & Impulse control

Learning Theory and management

Sit, Down, & Stay

Drop it & leave it

come & loose leash walking

Conditioning calm behaviour

The PLace command


6 Classes / 1 hour each

This program is a thorough introduction to the core obedience skills that you and your dog require for an effective relationship. Training techniques lean toward a reward-based approach, utilizing food, toys, and movement to motivate and reinforce behaviour. This program also focuses heavily on implementing structure and relaxation methods that foster peacefulness, improve impulse control, and build focus.


Classes are 1 hour long, once a week for 7 weeks. This course includes an extensive information booklet and weekly homework. You will also benefit from valuable one-on-one time with your trainer, due to the small class sizes (only 5 dogs per class!).

Plus, receive great perks from Woofy's Pet Food Store for the duration of your enrollment!


1 hour before and 1 hr after classes, receive 10% off all things dog in the store.

Class 1

Sit, Down, and Stay

Teach your dog the meaning of Sit, Down, and Stay. Learn how to work around distractions, and find out how you can utilize these commands to shape and adjust your dog’s behaviour in many aspects of daily life. Find out what equipment best suits you and your dog as you learn about collars, harnesses, face halti's, leashes, and more.

Class 2

Conditioning Calm & Place

Using the Place command (Go to Bed,) you'll be able to enjoy cooking without your dog under your feet, prevent or stop your dog from begging during meals, have guest over while your dog peacefully relaxes, and sit down at the beach for some chill time. This command conditions relaxation and peacefulness in multiple situations and environments.

Class 3

Loose Leash Walking

Teach your dog how to walk beside you, on a loose leash, in a calm and controlled manner. Learn how to cooperate with your dog to enjoy the peaceful walk you’ve always hoped for.

Class 4

Impulse Control

Is your dog picking up garbage off the street, lunging for food you’ve dropped on the ground, or holding on for dear life to sticks & toys? Teach them to drop items or to never go after them. Duing this class we will also work on 

Class 5

Come Command

Build the foundations of your recall by creating drive, motivation, and reliability, and learn how to implement important management techniques that will set your dog up to succeed. Learn some fun recall activities you can practice on your own or with friends and family.

Class 6

Real Life

Let's head to downtown Courtenay to work around real-life distractions in a real-life setting. See how to utilize all the tools learned throughout the program, and ask all the questions you need. Find out how your next few months will look, while setting realistic goals and expectations for yourself and your puppy. 

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