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During this relationship-based training approach, work on obedience skills like loose leash walking, recall, and more. Improve your dog's focus & impulse control around distractions.  And create peaceful coexistence by fostering a calm mindset with everything you ask of your dog and everything they experience.

During an at-home session, address door barking, greeting newcomers, jumping, crate training, puppy nipping, new puppy home setup, destructive behaviours, and more. 

There are great perks to having a trainer all yourself, however, we also offer group dog training programs for obedience.

Private Obedience

Obedience Package

4 session / 1 hour each

1 hour session

1.5 hour


Full obedience package covering sit, down, stay, come, and heel. Or let's tailor and customize a program for you.  


During a one time session, address 1 or 2 needs, like heel or barking in the home.


Needing a touch more time? This option may be recommended depending on your training requests.


Intensive Obedience program

10 Sessions
1 hour each
plus 2 hour final session



10 Sessions / 1 hour each


Relax and take a break as a trainer does the work for you, spending detailed time directly with your dog. We'll work on training a reliable recall, teach them to relax on their bed when guests arrive, develop a calm on-leash heel, and of course clean up sit, down, stay, and general impulse control. During a final 2-hour session, you will take the lead and learn how to follow through with your dog's training.

Training will take place in the comfort of your own home, from your place of work, or at a local park. Sessions will run multiple times during the week, spanning over a 2 to 3-week period.

This program may also be suitable for fear, anxiety, and mild reactivity cases, particularly those related to excitement frustration. However, a more detailed program is recommended for more severe reactivity or aggression. Please see Behaviour Modification.

If we choose to use an ecollar or prong collar during this program, it is recommended you purchase the tools before your start date. More details on the Recommendations Page.

Reserved for this program.

Book a free 30-minute meet and greet

before you commit.


Struggling to hold yourself accountable for training your dog every day? Let's work together once, twice, or even three times a week. Receive homework, email, text, and phone call support during the program. Learn how to teach your dog recall, leash walking, down and sit stay, the place command, and more. Complete impulse control drills, and dive into a functional and lifestyle-based form of training. 

Meet at home, downtown, or at local parks. Practice recall in the forest, or teach your dog how to relax outside a busy cafe. This program is all about you getting into an everyday, easy-to-execute, training pattern.

Behaviour Modification

Learn to manage and alter your dog's reactions: over-excitement, resource guarding, separation anxiety & stress, barking, and lunging, along with any other behavioural issues. We also improving obedience skills like heel, sit, stay and come.

During our first session, we will assess your dog's behaviour, develop a training plan, nail down a goal, and make any immediate lifestyle changes.

As things progress, and rehabilitation is on its way, we can teach you the necessary skills to handle your dog's behaviour in increasingly challenging real-life environments. 

Not totally sure about what program is best for you? Don't sweat it, the more information you give in your Dog Training Request Intake Form, the more easily a program can be recommended. A minimum of two sessions is highly recommended. 

3 session

1.5 hours per session

1.5 hours per session

2 session package

Address aggression and reactivity.


Feel you need extra support? 

This package may be recommended to you depending on your situation.


Address reactivity like lunging, growling, and barking, at people, other dogs, skateboards, bikes, and more.  Learn to heal and successfully manage inappropriate behaviour towards guest in your home. Modify resource guarding.  


Intensive Behaviour 
modification program

1 to 1.5 hours per session
15 hours of on 1-on-1 training
plus 2-hour final session


Don't want to send your dog away board and train? Have a trainer come to your home instead. We'll spend detailed time working to develop a relationship, foundational non-negotiable obedience skills, layer in behavior modification to decrease or stop reactivity, and improve not only their confidence but yours as well. To add, you will learn how to improve your handling skills, incorporate safety and management techniques into your dog's everyday life, and of course, learn how to follow through with training and training tools.

This is a full support program, meaning you'll be able to ask questions between sessions as well as 90 days after the completion of the program.

Before starting a behavior modification intensive program your dog must be fully muzzle trained. Once you have been accepted into the program, you will receive further information on muzzles, ecollars, and more. 

Ecollars and prong collars are not included in the program rate. Please purchase the recommended tools before the start of the program. Please see the recommendations page for details.

Reserved for this program,

Book a free 30-minute meet and greet

before you commit.

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